Cayman Bow 55 lbs Electric Motor With GPS

GPS Trolling Motor
  • GPS Trolling Motor


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The Cayman Bow Mount Trolling Motor GPS


Take your angling experience to a new level, the NEW Cayman Helmsman GPS 55lbs 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor.


Comes with wireless handheld remote control!

Haswing is proud to launch the Cayman Helmsman GPS Bow Mount is aimed at sports fishermen who seek to effortlessly guide their motor via progressive virtual anchoring technology to instantly lock your boat in one or multiple positions, leaving you with more time to focus on fishing and no need to worry about drifting.

The all-new Cayman Helmsman GPS Bow Mount trolling motor is based on the same basic design principle as Haswing's bestselling Cayman B, and comes packed with all of features you've come to love on the Cayman B including sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics. Supplied standard with all the necessary hardware for mounting to fit straight onto the boat, or gear up with our quick release plate with a foot print of just 120mm x 200mm when not in use. All motors feature LED battery display and 1.5 meter wiring loom.

Application can be downloaded from

 IPhone - App Store, search for Helmsman

Android - Google Play, search for Helmsman

  • - Quick release mounting bracket 
  • - wireless foot pedal control 


To experience the full features and benefits of the Cayman Helmsman GPS Bow Mount, simply download the Helmsman App from the App Store (for your iPhone or iPad device) and sync with your motor. With advanced GPS positioning technology the Helmsman keeps you on your desired course with features and functions including:

*GPS Location Locking with Multiple Anchor Points 

*Route Memory - Record and Retrace Fishing Paths 

* 5-10 Meter GPS Accuracy

*Full Motor Pilot Control - Enables you to Regulate Speed, Propulsion and steering allowing you to fish from any desired position on the boat

All that you need to do is enter your desired course or anchor points and the GPS technology organizes the rest, allowing you to spend more time catching fish and less time chasing them!   


Select a compatible battery---Please use deep cycle battery for your motor. Improper use of battery would cause damage to the motor.

Connecting the battery---connect the red motor cable (+) to the positive battery terminal (+), black cable (-) to the negative terminal (-) and fasten it.

Put the battery in a ventilated place.


The motor has a battery’s power reader to display the battery level. “Full light” indicates a full power charge condition. The light will go off when the power is continue to decline. Please recharge the battery when it declines to the last light (20% of battery’s power).

Technical specs

Tech Specs (?)

34 lbs
61" x 17" x 11"
43 lbs



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