Trolling Motor 80Lbs - 38.6''Shaft

  • trolling transom 80 Lbs
  • trolling transom 80 Lbs
  • trolling transom 80 Lbs
  • trolling transom 80 Lbs
  • trolling transom 80 Lbs


MSRP: $750.00  

Price: $360.00




The Protruar is equipped with a brush-less 2HP 24 volt motor and is excellent for the propulsion of a wide range of boats and waterways. This powerful motor is equipped with step-less adjustable speed control and a safety lanyard. The motor can easily be tilted in and out of the water and the trim height is adjustable by way of a quick lock, so you can motor in virtually any water. As an added safety feature, the Protruar is equipped with an auto propeller cut-out in the event of a collision. The Protruar models also features an LED battery level indicator. Suitable for both salt and fresh water.


  • Trolling handle has the folding functions.(folding angle:100°)
  • Level lock bracket offers 6 levels of tilting position
  • F/R Speed Control - provides stepless forward and reverse speed control
  • Battery Reader - displays 5 levels of battery power
  • Prop-clutch - breaks away running propeller when it is block. this prevents propeller damag




Warranty: 1 Year from date of purchase


Technical specs

Tech Specs (?)

18 lbs
55" x 16" x 8"
30 lbs
DC 24V
Depth collar
3 blade prop /11.8 inch diameter
Max.630 rpm. underwater
1120W / 1200W
47A / 50A
75 db
38.5 inch / 980 mm
2 X 105AH deep cycle battery (battery not include) produce 1.5hr top speed thrust continuity
Length 6.5m / max load 700kg



Apr 14, 2014, 15:16

"Outstanding Value if you don't mind carrying the Batteries, that can a bit of a job but even for me at 63 well worth the effort, it moves my 14' Kaboat steadily along about 8 to 10 MPH easily on the lake. rivers are a totally different story of coarse and I will not comment on those multitudes of possibilities.
I did modify the motor shaft a bit by cutting the shaft shorter by about 16" of the top BE CAREFUL PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! easy to knick a wire. I never had to undo any wiring at all?????
Anyway with almost 450lbs of adult and 250lbs of gear it still moved us well along in choppy water on the lake and a good breeze for 6 hours without feeling any reduction in speed or power! Next mod just done but not tried is a prop "Tunnel" because I need a new prop already from cutting blades on shallow shale bottom, that stuff is "Sharp"! Still great value and in my opinion as close to two HP as you can get without going over!"

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