The Different Types of Kayaks

All kayaks are definitely not the same. Beginner’s do not generally jump in at the deep end and expect to compete so, for the purposes of this article we will focus on recreational kayaks.

Recreational paddling usually takes place on calm waters like flat rivers and lakes. At the beginner level you will not be tackling any white water rapids or heavy surf.

Recreational paddling can be a very calm pursuit or if you are more physically fit, you can push yourself for some great exercise.
It is often teamed up with some fishing, waterfowl spotting, photography or fun with friends and family. Recreational kayaks make terrific first kayaks and are brilliant for learning in as they tend to be quite stable.

A single kayak has room for one paddler, a tandem can take two and a tri yak has space for three paddlers.

All recreational kayaks are typically:

  • A little extra wide for a little extra stability
  • Easy entry and exit due to the wider openings at the cockpits
  • They do not usually measure any more than 12 feet – this makes them a little slower than the more expensive racing models
  • They do not have a lot of cargo capacity which is okay because they are typically used for day trips only

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