The Techniques of Paddling and Paddling Tips

Different paddlers use different techniques. There are a few basic strokes that are good to learn but over time many paddlers will develop their own technique that works for them.

Your individual technique will also depend upon certain physical features. Taller people are naturally further above the surface of the water and can tend to dig into the water if they are not careful.

When you first get into the kayak it is best just to relax and get a feel for the whole experience, then take it slowly and naturally.

Paddling Tips

1. Lean back into your seat. It not only keeps the paddler comfortable but also helps with the stability of the boat; all movement should be from the torso alone.

2. For your grip, your knuckles should be more or less lined up with the upward blade edge. Hold the paddle with your fingers over and your thumbs under.

3. Turning the kayak is pretty easy really; paddling on only one side of the kayak will turn it in the opposite direction.

Paddling technique is something that you should initially practice on calm flat water. After even just a couple of times out you will find that you get the hang of it very quickly.

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