13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak: The Perfect Boat for You

Whether you dream of spending relaxing days out fishing on the water, or taking a week’s vacation to explore small canals and streams deep in the wilderness, the most important decision you will need to make is selection of the perfect watercraft for your trip. That’s where the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak comes into play. As a boat that can handle almost any journey you want to take, its sheer versatility alone makes it worthy of serious consideration. Add that to the many other cutting-edge features, and this kayak might just be the perfect boat for you.

Heavy-Duty Durability

When it comes to inflatable boats, the inevitable first question everyone has is “Will this boat puncture and deflate?” The truth is, the Saturn Expedition Kayak is built according to very high standards, making it at least as durable as your average hard-hull boat. Made from an extremely thick, heavy-duty 1100 DTEX High-Strength PVC fabric that’s coated on both sides, this boat is almost completely abrasion resistant and puncture-proof. And in higher risk areas of the boat, like the air floor, even more protection has been provided

Easy Storage and Movability

Forget having to clear out a large space in your garage to store your boat. Forget needing a truck or SUV to transport it. With an inflatable boat like the Saturn Expedition Kayak, these are worries of the past. When you have finished on your day’s journey, your kayak can be simply and quickly deflated, slipped into its convenient carrying bag, tossed into the trunk of your car and stored in a closet at home. Then, when it’s time for your next journey, you can put it back in the trunk, drive to wherever you are planning to shove off from, and easily re-inflate your boat with the high-volume hand pump that will be included for free with your purchase. You can even pack your boat up and bring it with you on trips overseas!

All-Around Versatility

As discussed earlier, the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak is about as versatile of a boat as you will find on the market today. With the durability to explore smaller channels, the comfortability to take it on a long day out fishing and the ability to easily pack it up and bring it anywhere, this boat does it all. But the boat itself is physically versatile as well. For starters, it comes with 2 removable thwarts that can simply be installed for either back support or as actual seats. There are also heavy-duty D-rings on the boat itself that can be used to easily attach more permanent kayak seats if that fits your needs. And the extra storage space in the front and bow under the splash guards will make your boat seem roomy and comfortable.

Worth Every Penny… and More

One of the biggest benefits of the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak is the cost. A hard-hull kayak in the same class, with similar performance, will run a buyer well over $1,000. But the manufacturing cost of the Expedition Kayak allows it to be priced much lower, with the current price being only $700. This includes not only the boat itself, but 2 aluminum paddles, a repair kit, the carry bag, and the high-volume hand pump. Add that to the money you can save on the storage and transportation of this boat, and the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak might just be the perfect watercraft for you.

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