How To Choose The Inflatable Boat for Vacation?

The boat – is a tool for movement through the water. There is a huge variety of boats! But for simple relaxation, for example, on the river or lake it is suitable PVC inflatable boats, which are most relevant during fishing or hunting. It has a weight of 12 to 17 kg. It is very useful for exploitation in the shallow water as it has a very low draft. In general, rubber inflatable boats have a length of 1, 5 to 3, 5 meters. Due to the relatively light weight, it is possible to move the boat by two people, it is safe and easy in management. This boat will fit easily in your car, in the far corner of the trunk. And it is ready to cruise in just 5 minutes.

Most inflatable boats are equipped with oars, motors, airbags – the seats. Lovers of small water reservoirs often think that it is better to buy a boat with a motor and enjoy the natural surroundings while voyage on the water, rather than spend all their forces to work the oars. But we should not immediately throw out the oars, or even leave them on shore. It is best to grab them just in case … Because the engine can always have the problems. But how then to get to the shore?

If you bought an inflatable boat of PVC, and eventually decided to purchase the motor, it should be done with extreme caution. First of all, we should pay attention to the operational characteristics of the boat, then on the power of chosen motor. If the power exceeds the allowable, it is possible the capsizing of the boat. In this case, all the passengers who are in it must have life jackets.

When mooring you should consider the following points:

1. When approaching the shore you should disable the engine and moor by means of oars.

2. Do not pull the boat on the sand; you also should avoid rocky surfaces not only on land, but in water.

3. If you want to leave the boat on the shore, it is best to get it into the third, thus avoiding the increased internal pressure in direct sunlight.

It is better to keep the inflatable boat in dry, dark place, having pre-washed and dried all the details. You should not leave it on the sun for a long time to, it damages the coating.

In the case of damage of the rubber layer, its wind, you should apply the patch to the damaged area. If the hole is more than ten millimeters, then the patch should be round, not less than 80 mm in diameter. You should glue on a dry and clean surface as follows. Apply evenly over the affected area several layers of glue, then 10 minutes later put the patch and go through it with a roller. During the day it is undesirable to inflate the boat.

So, having selected an inflatable boat, you can afford to meet the dawn on the water, fish in complete silence in the middle of the lake, rustling reeds and frighten kissing couples on the bank…

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