How do I find a leak and how do I repair a leak or tear?

How do I find a leak?

If you suspect you have a leak then follow these steps…
Inflatable your kayak
Prepare a soapy water mixture in a spray bottle
Spray the mixture all over your kayak
Watch for any areas where the soapy water bubbles or hisses – that will be your leak
How do I repair a leak or tear?
If your leak is only a pin hole then just apply some water proof glue over the tiny hole… that should do the trick. If you feel that is not enough then add a tiny patch.
If you have a tear larger than a pin hole then you will need to dry the area, then apply some waterproof glue to a patch (supplied in your repair kit) and secure it over the tear. Let dry for a couple of hours.
If you have a much larger tear, then you can either contact the manufacturer or take it to an inflatable boat dealer to get a professional repair job.

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