12' 6'' River Raft


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This product was prototyped for the last 2 years by fishing guides and outfitters around the country and the reviews were greater than any product we've prototyped before. It's an incredibly customized fishing maching and the new self-bailing floor makes it capable of running Class IV whitewater. There simply isn't anything like it and the custom features come at an incredible introductory value through the summer of 2018. We had three production orders in 2017 and they each sold out before we were even able to produce the retail product page, it's that POPULAR. We have never created a product that has generated so much buzz in the rafting/fishing community and we can't wait to see what 2018 brings. There simply isn't a better combination fishing/whitewater machine on the market, regardless of price.

If you are looking for the smallest whitewater raft that with a self-bailing floor and capability to comfortably hold 3 adults, you've found the perfect product. The overall weight is under 85 lbs and the raft rolls up easily into a compact 42"x24"x8" (or 24"x24"x20") space. The 12'6" length, 54" width, 6" thick inflatable dropstitch floor (rated over 10 psi!), 15.5" tube diameters, 4 exterior tube chambers, NARU valves, and 1.5mm extra thick bottom floor covering (wraps 1/2 way up the side tubes for additional protection) are just a few of the customized features allowing this raft to do many things others cannot.

The 12'6" Saturn Soloquest Raft was specifically designed for boaters who venture out to battle the toughest river conditions with the courage to take on new river sections, spring/fall water levels, and rocky shallow conditions. The long waterlines, extremely rigid self bailing drop-stitch air floor, large tube diameters and increased width provide added stability and comfort in tight conditions. 

The 12'6" Saturn Soloquest Raft includes a floor which provides 70% more protection for the entire bottom surface of the raft. The revised floor design provides over 2.4mm of protection where you need it. The 5-layer PVC floor provides a significantly stronger surface when slamming around in the rocky conditions. You can target those bows, cuts, browns and smallies without having to worry about avoiding all rock and debris.

The 12'6" Saturn Soloquest Raft now comes standard with 2 removable thwarts, exterior D-rings, rubberized handles for easy carrying, chaffing protection on the top sides of the exterior tubes, 1 repair kit, carrying bag and our standard 2 year warranty.

Additional Product Components:

Heavy duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm (1.3mm PVC used in the dropstitch floor and 1.5mm PVC used on the bottom of the raft).

Fabric is extra thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.

6" thick Outfitter patented high-pressure air deck floor (rated over 10 psi!)

Towing/securing D-rings (front, back and sides).

NARU Air Inflation Valves (highest quality in the world)

Accessories: Paddle, 1 repair kit and 1 carry bag.

Upgraded hand pump now included.

Raft length increased to 12'6" (6" longer)

Raft width increased to 54" (8" wider)

Exterior tube diameters increased to 15.5"

Inside width increased to 23"

Top tangent length with extra frame wear protection layer (90" x 4" wide)

Overall kick of 19.75" (bow and stern rise to top of tube)

Weight - 79.5 lbs

Inflatable Outfitter dropstitch floor is produced with 1.3mm PVC and also increased in total thickness to 6" (4" is intalled on standard 12' Raft/Kayak)

Bottom protection 1.5mm thick black PVC stretched to cover full bottom surface area and half way up the exterior tubes for added protection where it's needed the most.

5 Heavy-duty 2" D-rings installed for frame strapping (replaced 1" standard D-rings)

Width increased to 54"

Additional soft rubber/nylon lifting handles added

Circular wear patches installed on bottom surface cornes for triple wear protection

Stainless steel lifting handle installed on the front of the raft for carrying and frame strapping

Top chafe / frame wear pad installed on top of both side tube and rear of the raft

Solid black rub strake added to protect side tubes and bottom PVC covering wrap

4 (four) exterior air chambers installed for added safety (only 2 exterior air chambers in the 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak)

Designed specifically for frame packages and rowing option ( frame packages sold separately)



Technical specs

Tech Specs (?)

45 x 24 x 13"
95 lbs
High-Pressure Air floor
1100 Denier Reinforced PVC
Halkey-Roberts type valve by Naru

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Feb 10, 2014, 11:06

"Arrived quick. Looks very good. Waiting on going to water!
The only thing I can say is, I'm an happy customer. I will strongly recommend anyone who want an inflatable to make business with you.

Thank you!"

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