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16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL

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16' Heavy-Duty Extra Large Inflatable KaBoat™ SK487XL

What is 16-feet Heavy-Duty Extra Large Inflatable KaBoat™ SK487XL design for?

When describing the qualities of this KaBoat, the word “Extra” is just perfect: extra large, extra spacious, extra durable, extra safe, and extra heavy-duty. It’s one of the greatest Saturn models.

The SK487XL is made of the latest innovative material - heavy-duty 1100 Denier reinforced PVC fabric, which provides durability and practicality to the inflatable watercraft. The heavy-duty outer layer protects the boat against UV rays, ozone and abrasion; and inner layers provides perfect strength and adhesion. There are also an extra thick (140mm) inflatable air deck floor and durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.

This 16-feet inflatable KaBoat is designed to support more gear and provide more space than any other KaBoat: its weight capacity is 1,100lbs (499kg) and it can carry up to 4 people. Although it’s easy to paddle, the SK487XL inflatable watercraft can take an outboard 10HP 4-stroke or 15HP 2-stroke gas engine. You can fly over the water scary fast! The 16-feet SATURN inflatable KaBoat has 4 separate air chambers for extra safety and comes standard with 2 sets of oarlocks, 2 sets of rowing oars, 4 lightweight aluminum removable benches, a hand pump, and a repair kit. You will need only up to 10 minutes to inflate the boat.

Being so large, this KaBoat is surprisingly portable and lightweight - 89 lbs (40kg). Deflated and folded, it can be carried in the back of your SUV or minivan and can be stored in a large closet of your apartment or in a garage. A bag with deflated and packed boat can be carried around with inexpensive foldable hand cart.

All these premium quality features make the SK487XL inflatable KaBoat absolutely great for heavy-duty works, long time expeditions, fishing and hunting trips, remote explorations, a day of fun on the water with a family, or a romantic escape with your loved one. This kaboat will meet all your needs. Guarantee!

Features that make 15-feet Extra Heavy-Duty Expedition Inflatable KaBoat SK470XL special

  • Extra thick 1.5mm PVC bottom, compare to standard 0.9mm PVC.
  • Bottom of tubes overlapped with additional layer of PVC up to the rub strake protectors.
  • The safety air valves prevent excessive air pressure in the boat chambers. They have been moved toward the inside of boat's tubes and away from direct exposure to the weather elements. This allows easier inflation from inside the boat and minimizes damage caused by sun and rain while the boat is stored uncovered for prolonged periods of time. Rain water does not accumulate inside the valves.
  • Shorter and lighter aluminum seats, different bench attachments that are moved slightly lower for easier rowing
  • Triangular splash guards over transom corner, and grommet splash strip with rope all along boat tubes.
  • Having grommets on PVC lines allows the attachment of additional accessories such as kayak seats, custom made frames and arches for rod holders, night lights and other accessories.
  • Durable soft handles for longer life span.

About KaBoats: A KaBoat is a hybrid, a crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat. Inspired with a narrow profile of Asian Dragon boats, Saturn KaBoats take the best of both worlds to create a versatile inflatable dinghy with impressive performance. The KaBoat is a revolutionary invention in the inflatable watercraft industry. Contrasting to kayaks, our inflatable KaBoat can take a motor and cut the water with a higher speed than other boats even with a less powerful engine. The KaBoat can be used as a kayak, or an inflatable boat capable of its own solo adventures, or as anything in between.

KaBoats advantages over conventional inflatable boats and kayaks

  • The appeal of our inflatable KaBoats is their portability: they can be deflated and folded for easy storage and transportation. Made of plastic or fiberglass, conventional "recreational” kayaks are approximately from 9 feet (2.7m) to 12 feet (3.7m) long. They require significant storage space and special means of transportation.
  • Kayaks can be only paddled, but the KaBoat allows you to use a small gas or electric motor to cover larger distances.
  • Although at the price of reduced speed, the KaBoat’s inflatable tubes and a special hull design provide much higher buoyancy, stability and safety. In contrast to regular kayaks, you can stand or even walk inside the KaBoat.
  • The KaBoats offer multiple functionality and can be used for water activities that require carrying much cargo, such as a fishing trip, diving event or summer vacations.
  • Due to a stability-focused hull volume (weight capacity), our KaBoats can transport a much larger cargo than regular kayaks. They deliver ample storage for your fishing essentials, things for overnight trips and other cargo that you need to carry with you.
  • Contrasting to traditional kayaks, our inflatable KaBoats make getting in and out a breeze. Also, they are much more convenient for putting in and taking out your cargo.
  • The KaBoat’s paddling ease and ergonomics are boater-tuned. They are contoured to fight fatigue. Although a narrower kayak puts less strain on the shoulder joints, a KaBoat offer a freedom of movements allowing you to stay comfortable on long rides.
  • A KaBoat allows you to go to narrow or shallow places where regular inflatable boats will not fit. If a motor is installed, simply raise it and paddle anywhere that is at least 5" (13cm) deep.
  • Due to its smaller chambers, it is much easier and faster to inflate a KaBoat than a regular inflatable boat.
  • In contrast to regular inflatable boats, the KaBoat’s narrow profile and a much lower drag can go much faster than a wider conventional boat with the same rated engine.
  • KaBoats can also be used as an inflatable dinghy to a yacht or sailboat, but take up much less space when deflated and folded.
  • Last but not least: KaBoats are more affordable – they cost much less than inflatable boats.


  • Same heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVCas in Saturn inflatable boats
  • Wide beam hull design for stability
  • Front Spray Skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug
  • High-pressure inflatable air deck floor
  • Four fins for improved tracking
  • 1 set of rowing oars with oar locks
  • Set of rowing oars with oarlocks
  • 3 aluminum removable benches


  • High-volume hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • 4 oars
  • Carry bag

Video of Saturn SK487XL Inflatable Kaboat

Tech Specs

Overall Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Shipping Size:
24 x 26 x 16"
Shipping Weight:
136 lbs
Floor Type:
140mm Air Deck
1100 Denier PVC
Interior Width:
Air Chambers:
4 + 1
Kaboat Weight:
130 lbs
Weight Capacity:
1100 lbs
Engine Capacity:
10HP 4-stroke or 15HP 2-stroke
Exterior Length:
Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice. Max O/B Motor means: maximum power of outboard motor that can be safely used to plane the boat loaded to the maximum capacity at normal water surface conditions. Please exercise common
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Love it! This is my mother ship for self-supported Amazon jungle river expeditions. Packs into the belly of a small STOL commuter plane, but big enough to carry the entire kitchen and group equipment for six!
Hi Mike, its Gerry. just letting you know the kaboat 16 ft is amazing. pumped it up, very impressed with its size and durability. the air pump worked perfect blew it up in five minutes very happy with this purchase thanks again Gerry:-)

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