We've got a wide variety of accessories for our Saturn inflatable boats.


PVC Glue

C$20.00   C$10.00

Aluminum seat end cap

C$20.00   C$10.00

Paddle Leash

C$20.00   C$10.00


C$25.00   C$12.00

Air Pump Valve Adaptor

HR Air Valve Adapter C$30.00   C$12.50

Air Valves

C$30.00   C$13.00

Repair kit

C$30.00   C$15.00


C$50.00   C$20.00

Air Pressure Gauge

Air Pressure Gauge C$39.00   C$20.00

Replacement Hose+Adapters

pump hose C$50.00   C$25.00

Spare Prop For 55 Lbs Trolling

Haswing Propeller C$60.00   C$30.00

Boat carry bag with straps

Carry Bag Boat C$100.00   C$60.00

Hand Pump

Hand-pump C$80.00   C$45.00

Aluminum Oars for inflatable boats

Inflatable Boat Rowing Oars C$79.00   C$45.00

Spare Prop For 65 Lbs Trolling

Haswing Propeller C$100.00   C$50.00

Cushion w/underseat bag

C$115.00   C$59.00

Foldable Aluminum Swimming Ladder

C$120.00   C$60.00

Deluxe Kayak Seat

C$195.00   C$109.95

Seating Frame For KaBoats, Kayaks and Boats.

Seating frame for KaBoat. C$180.00   C$90.00

Adjustable Seating Frame for 1 chair

C$180.00   C$99.00

Kayak, SUP, KaBoat Trolley Cart

Kayak, SUP, KaBoat Trolley Cart C$189.00   C$109.95

Analog High-Pressure Electric Pump

Analog High Pressure Air Pump C$220.00   C$109.95

Boat Covers For Inflatable Boats

C$160.00   C$135.00

High-Pressure Elec Air Pump Standard

C$278.00   C$139.00

Central Console System

C$295.00   C$140.00