Central Console System

  • steering console
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Please note that steering mechanism, wheel and cable are NOT included and must be purchased separately in a marine store or on-line.


DIY Central Console Frame For Boats.

Take control of your boat with steering system. Adjustable height aluminum frame central console.

The Central Console will take riding comfort to the next level and will put you in a total control of your boat. It is similar to the difference between driving a car and riding a bicycle.

Assembly of the complete steering console system, including installation of a rotary steering control is an easy do-it-yourself project. You will need rotary steering system, 4 to 7' cable, and steering wheel. All of these are sold in any marine store and on-line. You will also need link control steering arm ($15 & up) specific to your outboard engine to accept a flex cable and to turn the engine right or left.

Our Aluminium Central Console System can be installed on variety of watercrafts, such as aluminium jon boats, small fiberglass boats, inflatable RIB boats, inflatable boats with aluminium or plywood floor, and even on inflatable boats with high pressure drop-stitch air floors. It has adjustable height from 34" to 40" and can be easily installed or removed from boat.

uflex engine control boxCentral Console System Dimensions. Click To Zoom In.An optional throttle control box can be attached directly to the side of our central console system. However, in our opinion, the throttle control is optional, because it's very easy to change the outboard engine speed by simply using the tiller handle.

90% of the time spent riding, you will be cruising at the same speed. For the most part, you only need to change throttle or reverse when you are leaving from or coming back to the dock, beach, etc. The adjustments in speed can be very easily made with the tiller handle of the outboard engine with a little bit of training. You can always stop the engine if needed by pulling the lanyard line or pressing the stop button on the tiller handle.

You can use our Central Console with existing seat benches or you can choose to install 7" boat seat pedestals that are sold on-line and in many retail stores such as Kmart, Wal-Mart and Outdoor World. A swivel base and boat fishing chair with back support can easily be installed on top of the boat seat pedestal. All that can be mounted directly on hard floor, on top of our single-seat platform, or on a piece of plywood placed on top of air deck floor of inflatable boat.

Please note that steering mechanism, wheel and cable are NOT included and must be purchased separately in a marine store or on-line.An Economy boat seat pedestal retails for around $12, a swivel base costs around $10, and fishing chair prices can vary depending on comfort level from $20 to $45. You will also need stainless steel mounting hardware. Bolts with round heads should be inserted in the boat's hard floor from the bottom up, so that the round head of the bolt does not puncture inflated boat bottom. For boats with inflatable air floors you will need to mount pedestal to rectangular piece of heavy-duty plywood with rounded and sanded edges placed across floor such way that edges are squeezed under tubes once fully inflated.

Central console can me mounted on top of plywood board cut to fit on top of air floor and to be squeezed in between tubes when they are fully inflated. Make sure that plywood board edges are sanded to remove sharp edges and use bots with round or flat heads inserted from bottom upward into the board. Cover heads of bolts with duct tape to prevent from cutting into air floor surface.

After trying this new system, you'll never go back to a regular plywood bench. Due to the fact that this system is mounted to the floor and not to the boat tubes, vibration and bumps during a choppy ride areuflex steering rotary system significantly reduced.

uflex steering wheel for central consoleAssembly of the complete steering console system, including installation of a rotary steering control is an easy do-it-yourself project. However, if DIY projects aren't your strong point, you can take it to the local marine mechanic or handyman to assemble.

Rotary steering systems are available on-line and in retail marine stores($119 & up). We recommend UFLEX Rotary Steering Systems with a 8' to 10' flex cable. You will also need a steering wheel ($25 & up) and link control steering arm ($26 & up) specific to your outboard engine to accept a flex cable and to turn the engine right or left.




Technical specs

Tech Specs (?)

7 Lbs

Required products

PVC Glue
Aluminum seat end cap
Paddle Leash
Air Pump Valve Adaptor
HR Air Valve Adapter C$12.50
Air Valves
Repair kit
Replacement Fin
fin C$20.00
Air Pressure Gauge
Air Pressure Gauge C$20.00
Replacement Hose+Adapters
pump hose C$25.00
Spare Prop For 55 Lbs Trolling
Haswing Propeller C$34.00
Boat carry bag with straps
Carry Bag Boat C$60.00
Hand Pump
Hand-pump C$45.00
Aluminum Oars for inflatable boats
Inflatable Boat Rowing Oars C$49.00
Spare Prop For 65 Lbs Trolling
Haswing Propeller C$49.00
Fishing Rod Holder
Fishing Rod Holder C$50.00
Motor Mount
Motor mount Inflatable Boats Rafts C$55.00
Seating Frame For KaBoats, Kayaks and Boats.
Seating frame for KaBoat. C$110.00
Analog High-Pressure Electric Pump
Analog High Pressure Air Pump C$119.95
Boat Covers For Inflatable Boats
Central Console System
High-Pressure Elec Air Pump Standard
Boat Launching Wheels
Inflatable Boat Dinghy Wheels C$149.95
Wheels 16''
Extra HD Marine Inflatable Fenders
Marine Inflatable Fenders C$165.00
2-Bow Folding Bimini Top Deluxe
2-bow Deluxe Folding Bimini Top Sun Shade C$185.00
High-Pressure Elec Air Pump Deluxe
Digital Electric Air Pump Inflator C$249.00
Folding Rowing Frame
Rowing frame C$275.00
Trolling Motor 55Lbs - 36''Shaft
12 Volts 55 Lbs Electric Motor C$285.00
Floating Dock Container
Floating Dock Container C$295.00
4-Bow Deluxe Bimini Top
4-bow-bimini-inflatable-boat-1 C$315.00
Trolling Motor 65 Lbs - 26''Shaft
12 Volts Brushless 55 Lbs Electric Outboard C$399.00
12' Inflatable Catamaran Kayak TK377
inflatable kayak TK377 catamaran kayaks C$499.00
12' Light River Raft
13' Saturn Fishing Kayak
Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayaks FK396 C$999.00
11' Inflatable Budget Boat CB330
12' Saturn Kaboat
Saturn KaBoat SK396 C$1,075.00
14' Saturn Kaboat
Saturn KaBoat SK430 C$1,145.00
13' Ocean Inflatable Fishing Kayak
14' Saturn Fishing Kayak
Inflatable Fishing Kayak Green FK430 C$1,199.00
12' Inflatable Budget Boat CB365
Saturn 12' Long Budget Inflatable Boats CB365 C$1,199.00
14' Saturn Ocean Kayak
8'6" Inflatable Boat
15' Saturn Kaboat
Saturn Inflatable Kaboat SK470 Luna Gray C$1,275.00
13' Saturn Kaboat XL
Saturn KaBoat SK385XL C$1,399.00
9’6" Saturn Inflatable boat
11’ Saturn Inflatable Mini Cat
Saturn Inflatable Catamaran MC330 C$1,495.00
9.6 Whitewater Mini Raft
11' Saturn Inflatable Boat
15' Saturn Kaboat XL
Saturn Heavy-Duty Kaboat SK470XL C$1,549.00
12’ Saturn Inflatable Mini Cat
Saturn Inflatable Catamaran MC365 C$1,595.00
13' Saturn Kaboat ZK380
16' Saturn Kaboat XL
Saturn Kaboat SK487XL C$1,649.00
11' Saturn Extra-Wide Boat
14' Saturn Kaboat ZK
Saturn Performance KaBoat with V-keel C$1,749.00
12' Saturn Inflatable Boat
Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365 C$1,775.00
12' 6'' River Raft
Saturn River Raft RD365XL C$1,795.00
10' Heavy-Duty Boat FB300
Extra Heavy Duty Inflatable Fishing Boat FB300 C$1,899.00
13' Saturn Inflatable Boat
12' Heavy-Duty Boat FB365
Extra Heavy Duty Inflatable Fishing Boat FB365 C$2,099.00
14' Saturn Inflatable Boat
12' Azzurro Inflatable Boat
Azurro Mare Inflatable Boats AM365 C$2,300.00
15' Saturn Inflatable Boat
16' Saturn Inflatable Boat
Saturn Inflatable Boats SD488 C$2,595.00
18' Saturn Inflatable Boat