Boat Launching Wheels


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Inflatable Boat Launching Wheels

Designed to enable one man launching of inflatable boa. Constructed of heavy-duty marine grade anodized aluminum. Comes with a heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels 12" in diameter by 3" width.

Launching wheels swivel up and lock in position when not in use. Pneumatic wheels can be easily detached simply by removing lock pins.

Recommended max. weight: 300 lb.(136 kg) 
Max tire pressure 14 PSI 
Shipping weight: 14 lb. 8 oz 

CAUTION: The launching wheels is not designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Damage may occur and will void the warranty. If you need to tow boat behind your car, get used Jet Ski trailer on Craigslist.com or local classifieds.


See assembly instructions below:

Assembly instructions


Comes with the hardware! Tip: when mount the alum bracket, insert the bolt from the inside of a boat transom out.

When installing the wheel on the axle be careful not to strip the thread. If nut does not go don't force it. Before screwing the nut for easier installation spray the axle thread and nut with silicone lube!!!

Technical specs



May 27, 2016, 13:30

"Thank you very much Michael... installed the wheels already and are awesome and the pump is so awesome as well.....I will definitely send all inquiries and wants your way.... have a great day bud....


Mar 26, 2015, 11:39

"The wheels came today, and they look real good! I am satisfied with the purchase!

Thank you!"

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