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High-Volume Hand Pump


Does come with a pressure gauge. Pump may not be exactly as shown.

If you have Older Saturn Boats please contact us for more info. Older Naru valves need thicker rubber gasket for the adapter that goes into valve.


New high-performance Saturn air pump specifically developed for Saturn inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Inflatable Boats, Kayaks, KaBoat or any type if high pressure drop-stitch inflatable chambers.

This stirrup hand pump is tall and thin with a good air capacity and an aluminum shaft which allows it to inflate a SUP board, boat, raft or kayak very quickly.

Our Saturn Pump comes with Naru valve adaptor already installed. For brands other than SATURN, you will need to cut out original adaptor and replace it with your brand adaptor.


  • Max pressure 15PSI (1 Bar)
  • Effortless smooth action
  • Comes complete with Saturn NARU valve adaptor installed
  • 4ft flexible air hose


Quick Tips: When using hand pump to inflate paddle board do not use only hands when it become hard to add more air. Use body weight to push on handle of hand pump down. Use knees to raise up and then bend knees to let your weight to push on handle pump on its way down. Keep hands strait when pushing down. Relax your knees and let your weight and gravity to push handle down.

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