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I own a 14'sk430 for the last three summers excellent boat.! started with a 2.5hp nissan worked awesome! then moved up to a 6hp Suzuki loved it!
Now im thinking of moving to a 15' sk 470 xl going to sell the 14' first looking forward to the spring!!
55lb Cayman trolling motor.
As a tournament angler, I rely heavily on my trolling motor. After doing lots of research & talking to a fellow BASS angler in Australia how had rave reviews about the 55lb Cayman trolling motor, I decided to buy one from Saturn inflatable boats. From the moment I first started to talk to Mike to my first tournament, I haven't been disappointed.
This motor is well made and very easy to use. I'm very happy with my Haswing motor and would buy another in a heart beat. ThNks for the excellent customer service Mike.
Sincerly Gavin Hill
I had purchased an SK487XL last year in 2014. Our camping crew decided we’d go for one last trip in November before the Canadian winter set in.We went to Lac Poisson Blanc in Quebec. This was the first time I had a chance to really test the Kaboat. We loved it ! First of all, it easily fit on the back seats of my Honda Civic with plenty of room to spare for the motor and camping equipment in my trunk. Secondly, the cargo capacity of the Kaboat is amazing. At one point I had six people and gear on the Kaboat . However, when I was alone on the boat the thing would fly ! I have it paired up with a 9.9 2-stroke Merc. We all agreed that we will never go camping without it .
Thanks again !

I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am with my 13ft inflatable boat. I had such a fun time with it out on English Bay and the Frazer River in Vancouver this summer I just can't wait to get back on the water. Truly a great boat at such an affordable price, I just love my boat.
Thx Saturn Boats
I bought a 13” boat from you this summer. I must tell you that I love this boat. I used to put a 9.9 hp outboard which was not powerful enough. I’m planning to get a 25hp .

HI Saturn Boats,
I just tested the pump out and the pump is really good, better than I thought, no more sweat :-)!!!