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Extra HD Marine Inflatable Fenders

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Extra HD Marine Inflatable Fenders
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Extra HD Marine Inflatable Fenders

Saturn Marine Inflatable Fenders are designed to protect motorboats, yachts and sailboats from damage during moorings. Our Inflatable Fenders are made of extra heavy-duty PVC fabric that is resistant to tear and abrasion.

Fenders prevent damage to your boat acting as a cushion between a boat and a dock (concrete, metal or wood) or another boat. Fenders have to be very strong to absorb the shock of vessel movement insulating the watercraft and what it is bumping against from damage. Usually, fenders are set just above the waterline to maintain a buffer zone between a dock and a boat. No wonder that they are heavy and large, and have to be stored away from a vessel, simply because there is no room on the boat for and extra load.

Sorry about tautology, but the most important advantage of Saturn inflatable fenders is the fact that they are inflatable, meaning that they are portable, foldable and lightweight. Deflated and rolled up, they can be very easily stored or transported. Also, inflatable fenders can be inflated or deflated in a matter of minutes.

Saturn inflatable fenders are made of an extra heavy-duty and extra high-quality 1.5mm Korean PVC fabric with polyester support, which is almost twice thicker than regular PVC. It makes Saturn fenders much more heavy-duty then other more expensive fenders found on a market today.

There are 2 stainless steel D-rings glued at the fender’s both ends. D-Rings are designed to handle a weight of up to 100lbs. The fabric used on our D-Rings is composed of 2 layers of woven PVC and is very difficult to tear. A very strong force will need to be applied in order to cause damage to the fabric incased D-ring.

Each fender has a flat Naru pushpin valve. The valve adaptor is compatible with any hand, foot or electric pump. A pump is optional. Hand pumps and electric pumps are available at our Accessories section. You can also get an electric pump for around $20 in any Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart.

To inflate a fender:

Inflating a fender with a hand or foot pump takes a while. The best way to quickly inflate the fender is to use an electric pump. It’s simple:

Unlock the pushpin valve by pressing it down and rotating clockwise.Then hold the air outtake of the electric pump directly against the open valve and pump air.The fender will be filled in seconds, and then quickly remove the outtake of electric pump and lock the valve by pressing on the pushpin and turning it clockwise until it pop slightly (it prevents air from escaping).Close the valve cover to avoid pushpin damage.

Normally, a basic electric pump inflates a fender to around 90%. It is enough in most cases. If you want a fender to be rock solid, 100% inflated, you have to connect the provided valve adaptor to a hand or foot pump.

Fender seams are covered by our Two Year Manufacturer Warranty. However, as the tide recedes, the boat will lower placing its entire weight upon the D-Ring fabric, which is not designed to withstand the weight of the boat itself. This would be considered excessive wear. So, please note the placement of the fenders alongside your boat keeping in consideration future tidal changes.

Tech Specs

30 x 18" Weight:
8 lbs
45 x 18" Weight:
12 lbs
60 x 18" Weight:
17 lbs
Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice. Max O/B Motor means: maximum power of outboard motor that can be safely used to plane the boat loaded to the maximum capacity at normal water surface conditions. Please exercise common
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