MSRP: C$50.00  

Price: C$20.00




Oarlocks are avalable to attach rowing aluminum oars.


For $20 you are getting 1 Black oarlock.


Application instructions:

  • Deflate boat and make sure humidity is low before proceeding to glue application.

  • Outline place where you going to glue oarlocks first with a pen and then with a painters tape.

  • Wipe clean both areas to be glued with 100% acetone, wait 5 minutes before applications.

  • Apply 3 thin layers of boat PVC glue from a repair kit with an old toothbrush on both surfaces to be glued. Wait 5 minutes between first 2 applications, and 10 minutes after last 3rd application.

  • After 10 minutes since last application of glue has passed, joint pieces together and use spoon to press out any air bubbles. Wipe out excess glue with an acetone.

  • Leave for 24 hours for glue to cure completely.

Please specify desired color, black or gray, and quantities in a comments section during checkout. If desired color is not available, we will send what is available, unless you specify in a comments section that you don't want another color.


Technical specs