13' Ocean Inflatable Fishing Kayak

MSRP: C$1,400.00  

Price: C$930.00




Ocean-ready PRO Angler Fishing Kayak borrows best features of our two very popular models - Fishing Kayak FK396 hull and Ocean Kayak OK420 floor. That makes fishing kayak ready for use in an ocean or any other place where waves can flood over sides and into the hull.

New OFK396 fishing kayak has catamaran hull with 4 drains to let water quickly escape. In addition, new OFK396 inflatable kayak has 2 easily removable large fins in a front and in a rear, 
to provide easy tracking even in a windy condition.

OFK396 inflatable kayak lightweight and can be carried by one person. It can be used as a kayak for 1 or 2 persons. Removable aluminum benches can be used for optional fishing rod holders attachment, preparing a bait or cutting out a fish. To use kayak for 2 persons, benches can be removed and 2 kayak seats can be attached to provided D-rings.

Technical specs

Tech Specs (?)

38 lbs
2 + 1
700 lbs
45 x 24 x 13"