Swivel Fishing Seat Platform

MSRP: C$89.00  

Price: C$47.00





SWIVEL FISHING SEAT PLATFORM for KaBoats and Inflatable Kayaks provides comfortable seating for real anglers for hours of fishing, or for anyone who wish to have nice back support.

Rod-holders can be conveniently attached directly to aluminum surface of the platform along with depth and fish finders, GPS, light poles, umbrella shade mounts, etc.

The best feature of this swivel seat platform is that you can quickly drop it in or take it out of any inflatable kayak or KaBoat.

Same type of platform can be modified to be dropped into any type of inflatable boat, raft, dinghy, tender or runabout motor boat for more comfortable ride while operating outboard motor.


WE SELL YOU ONLY - Set of 2 x 22'' long aluminum benches.


  1. Boat seat swivel
  2. Short 7" seat pedestal
  3. Optional quick disconnect boat seat mount
  4. Folding fishing seat of your choice
  5. Stainless-steel bolts and nuts
  6. Also, separately available pedestal with swivel platform. All you need is chair.

All above items are easily available on-line and in retail stores near you. You need to be able to use electric drill to make holes in a bench and assemble items together. 


Video of platform installation into Fishing Kayak FK396.


Technical specs